1. We know inspiration. To inspire means to influence through presence, incite by action, guide with purpose, spread with passion, and do in love.

2. We live the best adventures – adventures often easy, free, and fun. Through the challenges, we learn and grow. Each sacrifice pushes our edge as we continue to invest in each other and ourselves.

3. Unconditional love means that we're living on purpose in total acceptance of each other. Our faults have as much value as our fortes; we know that we'll encounter challenges, pain and suffering regardless of our pursuits, so we follow our hearts and let go of things that no longer serve us or a higher good.

4. We welcome others to feel happier and more powerful too. Connected to a deeper energy and a higher purpose we work toward a shared vision of betterment. We acknowledge a universal abundance and we're willing, able, and empowered to do the daily work to allow that to unfold.

5. Our network is our greatest asset; people matter most. We're blessed to be able to share our journeys with our friends and family. We both attend and host conferences and retreats that are purpose-relevant and growth-oriented. We enable extended reunions for those we care about most. We take others with us, fully or in spirit when we travel or desire to travel.

6. We get what we need by giving what is needed. When we want something, we ask with intention. If we need something we give that. Money exchanged is energy exchanged. Money is a tool of the soul and social lubricant for making more impact, faster. To do that we connect passion, purpose, and action now.

The fire inside each of us reminds us that we are warm, connected, and alive. From spark to glow, we know that

7. Today is the best day yet.

Surrounded by family, friends, and community, we live together knowing peace, health, happiness, and love are abundant always.