We are born into life to care for each other and for the earth.

Here’s 7 ways to care for each other now:

1. Live close and connect in person

I love all my friends around the world but I thrive when meeting face-to-face. You will too. Know that this kind of connection is why we are here and what we're meant to do. Be with someone you love today. Bring your group together now.

2. No expectation

Completely obliterate expectation. You'll find flow in “going with the flow.”

3. No fear

Make decisions from a place of love.

4. Forgive

Recognize others’ imperfections as your own. Be the change you wish to see. Your release of negativity will free you.

5. Breathe

If you stop breathing you die.

6. Unconditional love

Build a foundation for friendship -- what is the minimum choice point at which you can fully commit? Commit to that and watch the energy levels rise with the true freedom of letting go.

7. Let go

Dive in fully to the pursuit of knowledge through experiential learning. Then let go of even that.

Care for yourself. Help care for each other.