Take A Dare. 

Create an experience. Invite people to their edge. Cultivate meaningful connections. Make memories. Repeat.

past events:


Envisioned, organized and hosted a lakefront dinner, concert, and bonfire party for 50+ people featuring live music, authentic connection, and the open invitation to "Let go and satisfy your urge: (P)URGE." Attendees were encouraged to bring something to burn or write a thought they felt the need to let go of on a piece of paper to be burned at the event's conclusion.

Pirate Yacht Night LA

After completing some projects in southeast Asia, Jimmy booked a long layover when flying back through LA. The challenge? How many new friends and old friends could he connect with in 36-hours. He booked a night aboard a private 60-foot Carver Marquis yacht in Marina Del Rey and sold tickets to fellow pirates ensuring a night of fun. Ahoy!


Coordinated all logistics for a 30-person end-of-winter house party featuring food, a live band + DJ, photo shoot and more with overnight accommodations for party guests. After the toughest winter on record, SUMMER SOONER created a safe space to make warm, fun and friendly memories. 

Espresso Festo

Caffeinated collaboration. Brought out the ol' espresso machine to pull shots and whip up fine espresso-inspired drinks, tasty treats and other seasonal shenanigans for 12 close friends.

Blender Bash

The dare? Bring something blendable. Friends brought extra blenders plus anything and everything imaginable to blend. We blended. We happily imbibed.

Roadtrip Roulette

What if a roadtrip began with a full tank of gas and close friends and ended when the vehicle ran out of gas... and participants had to make up everything on the fly thereafter? Four friends. A small car. One destination in mind. We played it safe-some and chose to have enough gas to get to fully arrive at our destination. We embraced the randomness of a lucky and roulette-inspired adventure in other ways upon arrival.

Taco x Taco

With fellow entrepreneurs of Detroit, we posed the question: "What if we purchased local beer and provided a deluxe taco bar plus music, and invited all the people we wanted to meet -- fellow business owners and entrepreneurs actually doing stuff in the city, for the city and for each other -- and did this all for free?" The answer: Taco x Taco -- a successful night of connecting in a remodeled warehouse in the heart of Detroit. 

Fourth Fest (I through VII+)

The annual family Fourth of July party has evolved into a day-long lakeside extravaganza. We begin in the early morning with the town parade and brunch. Later in the day, guests have the opportunity to attend the community barbecue chicken cook off and watch cardboard boat races or participate in other festivities sponsored by the village of Grass Lake. As the sun gets hot we cool of with our own boat rides, Sea-Doo sports, paddle boards and general waterfront relaxing. With family, friends and more, the eve ends with a grand bonfire.


One of Jimmy's favorite things is a good bonfire with great people. This time he asked, "What if everyone brought a new friend, a +1 who could contribute something to the group?" Bon(d)fire was born. Bonding over beers and healthy snacks around a crackling fall fire near the lake, old friends and new friends converged and conversed well into the night. 

Cheer: A Gratitude Gathering

The most powerful form of giving is doing something for someone who can't repay you. In the spirit of the season, Jimmy called together friends to set aside physical presents and share our real presence -- the greatest gift of the season. Quality time, hors d'oeuvres and wine, plus live music in a warm home decked out for the holidays. We even broke out the old Polaroid to take photos of it all, decorating the tree with the silly-fun pictures and memories we created. Cheer.

Ember: embrace, embolden, embark

Ember is an exploration of love through the written word. We come together to share a special time in unique space overlooking the city while sharing our favorite passages from books or words we've written ourselves.

Avail: A Community Cookout

I acquired the school with the intention of creating one-of-a-kind residential spaces and shared community area to bring people together for the making of *wow* moments.