August 14th, 2016
Detroit, Michigan

A Community Cookout & More
at Sunday Detroit 

Sunday Detroit is a former school building and the surrounding lots located less than one mile from central Corktown in Detroit. 

I acquired the school with the intention of creating one-of-a-kind residential spaces and shared community area to bring people together for the making of *wow* moments.

What are *wow* moments?
How about the best block party yet. 

We're gonna do a community cookout to get to know each other and the neighbors -- at a place they've only known as abandoned. This will be the first time the property has lights on in years.

With the help of some long-time residents, I've been fixing up the outside, while personally raising funds to rehab the inside. 

There's still a lot of work to be done, but the yard is nearly ready for a first-ever summer get together.

And *you* are invited.

Hear live music, smell fresh grillin', see a mural being painted and join in, or swing by and chill under the big top.

Plus, the official public launch of
 Lakeside & Tide a book about inspiration. 

Are you ready? 

Of course -- maybe you've already been to one of my events. 

Remembering really good times:


"One-in-a-million! A potent mix of everything good." 
- Danielle W. 

Ember Ann Arbor

"Just...Truth things. When my solar plexus and heart area activate, that means truth and resonance for me." 
- Kate M. 

Jeffersonian Dinner

"The messages in his book are as powerful as what he lives at his events -- you can change the universe one person at a time." 
- Rani B.


"Jimmy's the kind of person who goes on an outdoor adventure or random road trip that ends in the middle-of-nowhere-beautiful-forest-land. His events take you places." 
- Justine H.

Tidal 2016

"Jimmy cares so much about how people experience coming together, how connections are made, and how they keep that energy going even when the event ends."
- Katelyn W.

and now




Sunday, August 14th, 2016. 4pm EST

Address and directions provided via email after reservation confirmation.

Questions? Ask. 
Jimmy (814) 367-3338


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sponsors, partners and special thanks: 

Victor Matta, Sr.
Our Kickstarter backers

and all our volunteers

Thank you 
for being part of these adventures


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