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Hi, my name's Jimmy. I help committed doers do more today by finding inspiration to live their best life now.

I wrote a book exploring the highs and lows of running multiple businesses, succeeding, failing, traveling, living, loving, learning, losing, forgiving and more. 

You can preview it here for free.

I also enjoy bringing people together to share "wow" moments. I do that by hosting events to connect diverse friends and friends-to-be for life-changing experiences. When we see how great life can be, we can appreciate how great life really is in the present. 

I share why I do what I do and how I do what I do so that you can too. 

We are all connected; please reach out. 

Questions, comments, or suggestions for collaboration: 

(814) 367-3338 

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PS: I was recently featured on a global podcast about entrepreneurship and my journey. You can hear it here.